Should You Get a Free or Paid SSL Certificate Australia?

Should You Get a Free or Paid SSL Certificate Australia?

When picking SSL certificates, you can go for free or paid SSL. Free certificates are great when a business is just starting and running on a low budget. The free certificate may be either signed by certificate authorities or may be self-signed where there is no need for signing. These certificates offer the same level of encryption as paid certificates.

Paid certificates are offered by certificate authorities. You can buy the certificate directly from a credible certificate authority or buy it from a reseller. Because both free and paid certificates offer the same level of encryption, you might be wondering why you need a paid SSL Australia.

Even though the encryption level is the same, there are components that free SSL certificates lack. Free SSL only offers Domain Validation which offer basic authentication for small websites and blogs. Paid SSL offer Organization Validation and Extended Validation both of which are crucial in protecting business websites. With free certificates, once a website owner is identified, the certificate is issued but in the case of paid certificates, a website owner has to be identified and verified before a certificate is issued.

Free SSL certificates Australia are offered for duration of between 30 and 90 days. This means that you have to keep renewing them. Paid certificates are offered for up to two years giving you great protecting without the need for constant renewals.

Lastly, you can trust paid certificates since they offer OV and EV. Again, certificate authorities and resellers of paid certificates provide you with round the clock support to ensure your business website is safe.

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